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Optilia HD Cameras Summary General product overview of Optilia’s HD Camera systems.

Optilia BGA Inspection Systems Summary   General product overview of Optilia’s BGA Inspection systems.


W30x Medical Camera Poster Revision A

Data Sheets

W30x EasyView

W30x FreeSight

M30 EasyView: Data Sheet M30 EasyView 190821

M30 FreeSight: Data Sheet M30 FreeSight 190821

Device drivers and Image Viewing/Caputre software

Device drivers for Optilia 5.0MP Camera v2.5.8 for Flexia Definition Released August 2015

Device drivers for Optilia 2.0MP Camera v3.3 for Flexia Definition Released August 2015

USB 3.0 / PCI-E HD Frame Grabber Drivers Version 10.3.0

Device drivers Flexia D1 microscopes 

32/64bit device Drivers for Optilia USB2.0 Frame Grabber (OP-006 278), Optilia FireWire (OP-006 026) 

Blackmagic USB 3.0 Frame Grabber software package 10.9.12
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Blackmagic PCI Express software package 11.4.1 – Windows 10
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Image Capture and Measurement Software

OptiPix 30 Days Trial  Released April 2015. 30 day trial version of OptiPix Full, doesn’t include the XYZ Measurement and Database specific functions.

OptiPix v1.7.6  Released April 2015. Valid license and USB dongle is required to use the software. This package also updates OptiPix if you have an older version.

Optilia AMCap, Image view & Capture software, V9.10  Released August 2010.

HD Camera Control Software v2.2  Released February 2015

HD Camera Control HDMI, beta version, Released January 2020
HD Camera Control BETA

SD-Card Image Capture Firmware update v1.30  Released, October 2015

System Requirements for Optilia Software, April 2020 Optilia System Requirements 2020


Flexia System Requirements Revision B  Latest release of the system requirements for Flexia 5.0 MP. (Released August 2015)

HD Frame Grabbers

Optilia PCI-E FG System Requirements Revision C  Latest release of the system requirements for the PCI Express frame grabber. (Released August 2015)

Optilia USB 3.0 FG System Requirements Revision C  Latest release of the system requirements for the USB 3 frame grabber. (Released August 2015)