BGA/Flexia Video Microscope

BGA/Flexia Video Microscope

Product No: OP-019 197

Flexia Definition HM Digital with 100x lens, ESD-protected

Flexia Definition HM Digital 5.0MP camera, ESD- protected is ESD approved according to EN 100 015-01, IEC 61340-5-1 and IEC 61340-5-2 directives. Electrostatic potentials drop to less than 10V at less than 2 seconds as soon as any part of Flexia is connected to earth. There is no need for specific earth connection of Flexia in EPA environments. Flexia is fully safe for inspection of sensitive electronic boards and devices.

The Flexia Video Microscope with its High-Magnification capability delivers a digital USB2 signal for recording digital pictures or performing software measurements. In combination with OptiPix software, the system becomes a flexible and powerful digital vision system for performing accurate measurements, analysis, documentation and reporting.

Designed for mobile and flexible inspection, quality control, measurement and digital recording.

Standard blue (non-esd) housing of this item is also available.

Included items when you purchase OP-019 197

  • Flexia Definition HM Digital 5.0MP camera, ESD-protected
  • 100x Objective Lens (fixed focal length)
  • OptiPix Light, image view, capture and on-screen measurement software
  • Installation CD, User’s manual

This item can be used for these applications

Quality Control

Life Sciences

Green Technology

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