BGA Extensive
Inspection System

BGA Extensive
Inspection System

Product No: OP-019 156

Extensive Inspection System, 5MP, ESD-protected

The Optilia Extensive BGA system produces high-resolution digital pictures with excellent colour and detail definition. It creates sharp images of solder balls under BGA packages up to 10 rows and to 40 µm component stand-off.

Magnification of the lenses can be changed from approximately 5x (~50 mm working distance) to 350x (~ 0.3 mm working distance).

Flexia BGA is designed according to the requirements of electronics manufacturers regarding flexibility, image quality and time and cost effectiveness. The system is ESD-protected and EPA approved according to EN and IEC standards.

Included Items when you purchase OP-019 156:

  • Flexia Definition 5MP Digital HM, with 100x lens, ESD-protected
  • Side Viewing BGA lens with Ultra Small Size 90° optical probe
  • Small Size 90° Optical probe for BGA lens
  • BGA Micro Prism Background Illumination with electronic dimmer, Attachable
  • Brush Light, White LED with Dimmer and 2xAA battery tube and DC-adapter
  • Stand for Brush Light
  • 1-100x varifocal lens with built-in LED ringlight
  • RingLight White LED for 100x Objective
  • OptiPix Advanced with Data Base, including Calibration micrometer scale for BGA
  • Focusing Stand, Coarse/fine movement, ESD-protected
  • Precision XY-Translation Board, 25x25mm travel, incl. 2x Quick feed micrometer screws. ESD-Protected.
  • Installation CD, User’s manual and other documents
  • Annual service and support for OptiPix (1 year)
  • Aluminum Transport Case, 380x295x80 with Foam inlet (one level)

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