3-axis XYZ-Measuring
Inspection System

3-axis XYZ-Measuring
Inspection System

Product No: OP-019 158

3-axis Optical XYZ-Measuring System, ESD-Protected

The Flexia XYZ-Measuring system is a technically competitive 3-axis non-contact dimensional measurement of geometry in electronics production and quality control. Designed for visual inspection, digital image recording, dimensional software measurement, documentation and reporting.

Flexia Vision measurement consists of the mobile Flexia D1 ESD digital microscope, high quality optical lenses, high intensity adjustable LED illumination, robust XY translation stage, digital height gauge, digital micrometer spindle and powerful OptiPix XYZ Measurement Software

Standard blue (non-esd) housing of this item is also available.

Included Items when you purchase OP-019 158:

  • Flexia Definition HM 5MP, Digital ESD including 100x Objective lens
  • 1-100x varifocal lens with built-in LED ringlight
  • Digital Height Indicator (0,001 mm resolution, 0,003 mm accuracy)
  • Digital Height Indicator Interface box
  • Signal cable, length 2m
  • Stand holder Assembly for Height Indicatior
  • 500x Objective Lens
  • Diffuse ring-light for 500x lens
  • Ring-light for 100x lens
  • Focusing Stand, Coarse/fine movement, ESD-protected
  • Precision XY-board, 25x25mm travel, incl. 2x Quick feed micrometer screws. ESD-Protected.
  • OptiPix Advanced with XYZ-measurement, including 0.1mm pitch Caibration Micrometer Scale
  • Annual service and support for OptiPix (1 year)

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Quality Control

Life Sciences

Green Technology

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