Other Accessories for BGA/Flexia

BGA/Flexia Accessories – Other 

Product No: OP-006 400

Digital graticule

custom designed

Graticule, which enables the users to overlay lines, annotations, geometry figures, patterns and CAD drawings on the live picture.
The Digital Graticule, custom designed from customers requests, can be overlayed over live image with OptiPix or HD-CAP 

Product No: OP-006 147

Calibration Micrometer Scale

0,1mm pitch, 10mm

Precision calibration scale for Flexia and HD microscopes, 100 µm divisions. 10mm length                         

Product No: OP-019 290

Rubber top

For telescopic stabilizer (varifocal lens)

Rubber top for telescopic stabilizer, can be ordered as a spare part                         

Product No: OP-019 420

Telescopic stabilizer

for varifocal lenses (spare part)

Telescopic stabilizer for varifocal lenses. Can be ordered as a spare part.                         

Product No: OP-006 146

Calibration Micrometer scale

for BGA inspection

Precision calibration scale for Flexia microscopes. Made of chrome glass, 100 µm divisions. Circle, horisontal and vertical calibration. Image placement accuracy: better than 0,001 mm per 10 mm at 20 degrees Celsius. Image placement linearity: maximum 0,001 mm distortion. Line width: 6 µm.

Product No: OP-006 006

Soft bag

Large size

Soft bag for Optilia optical instruments, large size. Suitable for complete mobile Flexia kits including 8″ monitor and battery unit.    

Product No: OP-006 007

Soft bag

Small size

Soft bag for basic Flexia system and power supply, small size.

Product No: OP-006 600

digital height measurement kit

Non-Contact Measurement Kit